and Digg hotlinks for your Beta blog!

Quite a few bloggers have hotlinks to social bookmarking websites such as Delicious and Digg so that visitors to their blog can quickly submit their posts. Vivek Sanghi identified that the method described in this post will not work for Beta blogs and also suggested that I could look into it. I did and got them working with this blog. You can find these links below any of my posts, next to the Labels.

If you want these hotlinks for your Beta blog, expand your template widgets and search for "post-labels". You will find the portion of code shown below. Insert the code in red before the /span tag.

If you are familiar with the classic Blogger tags $BlogItemPermalinkUrl$ and $BlogItemTitle$, I have used their equivalents data:post.url and data:post.title here. You could hotlink to other bookmarking sites also using these.


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